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Benefits We Offer Healthcare Professionals


You will have access to our exclusive website designed for healthcare professionals. Here you will find comprehensive product information and learn more about adrenal fatigue and other stress-related health issues. There is a library of videos and lectures by Dr. Wilson speaking about clinical issues and our products.

Take advantage of our clinical tools and marketing resources to help you present our supplements to your patients and clients. We provide lab instructions, charts, patient questionnaires, digital product images and brochures among other material. We are very excited to provide these valuable resources and hope they will help you make the world healthier!


To protect your profit margin, our products cannot be advertised for less than the “minimum advertised price”(MAP). MAP is 10% off the suggested retail price set by ICA Health. You may sell them for whatever price you choose – high, low or free – but you cannot advertise them for less than the MAP.


We offer free shipping on all orders totaling $500 or more shipped via UPS Ground service to a location within the 48 contiguous states. There is a shipping charge for orders shipped outside the 48 contiguous states & all expedited orders.


Dr. Wilson uses the knowledge gained through three doctoral degrees and decades of experience in the health field. His background combined with continuous research and contact with health practitioners around the world go into to carefully formulating our supplements.

Our product line meets specific health needs in uniquely deep and effective ways. They are designed to work holistically with the inherent health systems of the body, and most come with physician-tested protocols for optimal use. ICA Health is the only producer of Dr. Wilson’s Original Formulations®.


We recognize that the quality of the ingredients in dietary supplements is critical to their effectiveness. ICA Health never compromises on quality. The selection of ingredients used in every Dr. Wilson’s Original Formulations® dietary supplement is determined solely by what works in the safest, most natural way possible.

They are expertly crafted and manufactured within the strict guidelines of the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), are valued by health professionals around the world for their exceptional clinical effectiveness, and are backed by our ICA Health 90-Day Unconditional Guarantee.


Take advantage of our referral list of healthcare professionals! We receive many inquiries from people looking for practitioners who work with adrenal fatigue and other stress-related problems. Your information will populate when someone in your area clicks the “Find a Healthcare Professional” on one of our retail sites (adrenalfatigue.org or doctorwilsons.com). Please click here to opt-in


We provide you with free informative materials for each of our products plus educational brochures about how stress can affect different aspects of health. They are written in an easy to follow question-and-answer format for patients and clients.


Digital product images are a great addition to marketing materials that you may create or to place on your website. These images are available here or by email upon request.


You will have an account manager that will be with you from day one. They will support you with product knowledge, marketing materials, & educational materials, videos, webinars, etc. You will have their direct number to call any time to place orders &/or help in any way.


We also offer clinical assistance with issues, such as lab test interpretation, product protocols and difficult patient cases as they relate to the use of our products and programs. For clinical assistance, please call your account manager or email team@icahealth.com.


We believe so strongly in our dietary supplements and their effectiveness that we offer a 100% satisfaction 90-day guarantee. If anyone is dissatisfied with a supplement you purchased directly from ICA Health, notify us within 90 days of the original invoice date.

We will credit your ICA Health account for the full purchase price of that product (excluding shipping). This credit will be applied to your next order. (Please note that this ICA Health guarantee only applies to products you have sold directly to your own patients and clients and does not apply to any products sold online.)

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