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Inner Healing

Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing®

Support for healthy GI mucosa*

Formulated by Dr. James L. Wilson to promote GI comfort, integrity and healthy barrier function*

  • Available in 90 capsules
  • Focused nutrient and botanical formula for mucosal maintenance and replenishment*
  • Bioavailable nutrient forms for easy absorption*
  • Cell-protective vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and bioflavonoids*
  • Wildcrafted or certified organic herbs harvested at peak potency*
  • Specific plant parts selected for demulcent, mucus stimulating and hygienic properties*
  • Rich in potent botanical and nutrient antioxidants*
  • Key amino acids for mucosal fuel, nucleic acid synthesis, and maintenance of mass and integrity*
  • Optimum amounts of each ingredient for effective support*
  • Synergistic combination enhances efficacy of individual ingredients*

Suggested Use:
Take 1 capsule with water 1-3 times a day on an empty stomach, or as directed by your health practitioner. Take regularly and consistently for best results.*

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Stress and Gut Integrity

Stress has multiple effects on your digestive tract. When prolonged or chronic stress disrupts healthy gut integrity, it leads to problems ranging from cramping and discomfort to allergies and autoimmune disease. Gut integrity is responsible for proper barrier function, i.e. acting as a filter that allows nutrients to pass through your intestinal walls into your bloodstream while retaining toxins, undigested proteins and other harmful substances for elimination.

This healthy barrier function depends on the thin, slippery membrane (mucosa) lining your stomach and intestines. The mucosa is larger than a football field when spread out and creates a protective layer that shields the walls of your digestive tract from becoming inflamed or damaged by the acidic, alkaline and toxic substances involved in digestion. Plus, it is also the site of intense immune activity to protect the underlying tissues and the rest of your body from harmful foreign invaders. The mucosa requires rapid new cell growth to replace itself every few days and stay healthy. However, stress cuts back on new cell growth throughout your body, allowing the mucosa to become thinner and damaged over time.

Because stress also slows digestion, alters gut flora, and increases gut permeability, toxic substances remain longer in your intestinal tract while harmful bacteria tend to multiply and crowd out the beneficial bacteria normally present. This creates increased irritation and inflammation of the walls of your digestive tract, adversely affects immune function and allows more toxins to be absorbed into your body. If the ongoing stress fatigues your adrenal glands, your digestive system is slower to return to a pre-stress level of building, maintenance and repair at the same time your body’s main anti-inflammatory, the adrenal hormone cortisol, is low.

The delicate tissues of your stomach and intestinal tract are then even more vulnerable to inflammation and damage, and subsequent reduced barrier function. It is therefore not surprising that chronic or prolonged stress can adversely affect the integrity of your gut, resulting in digestive system distress and more serious problems over time. Managing your stress and keeping the lining of your digestive tract in good shape is essential for optimal gut integrity and comfort, proper nutrient absorption, ease of digestion, good bowel function, elimination of toxins, resistance to germs, avoidance of food reactions and allergens, and your overall good health.

Supplement Facts

Inner Healing supplement facts

Product Q & A

What is Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing?
What does Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing do?
How does Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing work?
What else can I do to help my digestive system?
Who can take Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing?
Can people experiencing stomach and intestinal problems take Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing?
Is Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing a laxative?
Will Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing affect my appetite?
Does Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing affect digestion?
How quickly will Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing begin to work?
What is the best way to take Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing?
How long can I take Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing?
Can I take too much Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing?
Is the quality of Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing reliable?

What is Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing?
Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing is a unique dietary supplement designed to assist in the repair and maintenance of the lining of your digestive tract, including stomach and intestines.* Dr. Wilson drew on over thirty years of clinical experience in holistic medicine, the latest scientific research, and several thousand years of herbal medicine to create this formula that offers significant help to people who are concerned about stomach and intestinal health, function and comfort.* This soothing combination contains botanical and nutritional substances selected to: 1) supply specific, essential nutrients needed for building and maintaining the lining and underlying tissues of the stomach and intestines,* 2) enhance gut integrity and comfort,* 3) support proper function in the mucosal membrane lining the stomach and intestines,* 4) promote secretion of the protective mucus coating the digestive tract,* 5) promote hygienic microbial balance and healthy immune function in the stomach and intestinal tract,* and 6) provide powerful antioxidants that help prevent oxidative damage in these tissues.* The integrity and health of your intestinal tract is essential for proper absorption of nutrients, ease of digestion, good bowel function, elimination of toxins, avoidance of food reactions, healthy immune function and overall health.* Inner Healing works well with Dr. Wilson’s Squeaky-Clean, the intestinal cleanser and detoxifier, and may be taken with Dr. Wilson’s Body-Guard during times when supplemental, temporary intestinal immune support is desired.* [return to top]

What does Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing do?
Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing works with your body’s own building, maintenance and repair processes to support the health and functioning of the protective lining along your stomach and intestines.* In combination with a healthy diet and stress management, Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing promotes good gut integrity, immune function, hygiene and comfort by enhancing the barrier function of the gastrointestinal (GI) lining, contributing essential nutrients to the repair and maintenance of this lining and its underlying layers, providing antioxidants that help protect it from oxidative tissue damage, supporting replenishment of its protective and immune defensive mucus coating and providing soothing herbs that help calm irritated tissues.* As a result, this multifaceted formula also helps avoid problems that can arise when the protective lining of your stomach, small intestine or bowel is less than optimal.* [return to top]

How does Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing work?
The ingredients in Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing have been selected based on science, traditional use, and/or clinical experience that demonstrated their ability to contribute to the maintenance of healthy gastrointestinal (GI) mucosa (linings).* Each nutrient and botanical extract has its own important role to play, and their combined synergistic actions greatly optimize the overall benefits.* This physician-designed formula supports your body’s own physiological mechanisms that repair, maintain and protect the tissues lining your digestive tract in a number of ways:

  1. Contributes nutrient components and metabolic fuel to encourage healthy new cell formation, tissue repair and membrane stabilization in your digestive mucosa.* To maintain gut integrity, the tissues lining the stomach and intestines must normally repair themselves when damaged. The combined components of this unique formula actively support healthy cell structure in the lining and underlying layer of tissues by aiding in their formation, facilitating their absorption of essential nutrients, providing them with fuel, and helping them remain properly hydrated.*
  2. Promotes proper gastrointestinal pH necessary for tissue maintenance, healing and repair.*
  3. Supports replenishment of the coating of healthy, soothing mucus along the walls of your stomach and intestines that helps form a barrier protecting underlying tissues from damage by abrasion, acids, enzymes, bile, inflammatory substances and toxins involved in digestion.*
  4. Supports immune efficacy by promoting balanced GI hygiene and fostering healthy mucosa, which have innate immune factors that help protect your tissues from harmful pathogens and serve as an important part of your body’s front-line immune defenses.*
  5. Provides powerful antioxidants that help prevent oxidative tissue damage and inflammation in your digestive tract.* These antioxidants include three important minerals that are often deficient in the typical North American diet but are essential to the formation of the primary antioxidant defense in the human body.*
  6. Helps maintain balanced gastric acid secretions.*
  7. Facilitates efficient nutrient absorption.* [return to top]

How quickly will Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing begin to work?
Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing begins providing support with the first capsule, and although some people report almost immediate effects, it may take 2-4 weeks to notice a change. This formula works to support your body’s own repair and maintenance processes at a deep metabolic level, and that can take time.* It may require up to 6 months to experience the full benefits.* [return to top]

Is Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing a laxative?
Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing is not a laxative, digestive stimulant or bowel irritant that forces evacuations. It supports repair and maintenance of the lining of your stomach and intestinal tract, which can help their contents progress optimally through the digestive process.* As a result, bowel movements may become more regular, comfortable and well formed.* [return to top]

Will Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing affect my appetite?
Most people find their appetite is affected by how their stomach and gut feel.* Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing actively promotes gastrointestinal comfort and healthy function, and as comfort and digestive function are enhanced, appetite tends to normalize.* [return to top]

Does Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing affect digestion?
Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing supports the integrity of the protective mucosal membrane lining your digestive tract, facilitating efficient transfer of nutrients across that membrane into your bloodstream where they can be transported wherever they are needed throughout your body.* [return to top]

Who can take Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing?
Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing is for anyone who wants support for optimal stomach and intestinal comfort and health.* [return to top]

Can people experiencing stomach and intestinal problems take Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing?
We have had reports of good results from people experiencing a variety of stomach and/or intestinal discomforts who found that Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing combined with a healthy diet and stress management helped them feel their best.* If you are experiencing abdominal pain or other symptoms, always consult your healthcare practitioner before taking something new. [return to top]

How should I take Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing?
Take 1 capsule of Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing 3 times a day with water on an empty stomach, or as directed by your health practitioner. [return to top]

How long can I take Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing?
Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing is intended to provide nourishment and support to the body, and is designed to do that indefinitely, if needed.* However, optimal results are usually achieved within six months or less.* [return to top]

Can I take too much of Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing?
For best results, take Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing according to suggested use, or as directed by your health practitioner. [return to top]

Can I do anything else to help my digestive system?
Among the many things that can help the digestive system, probably the most important are learning to manage your stress; eating a balanced, healthy diet high in fiber (fruits, vegetables and whole grains) and free of chemicals, and refined flour and sugar; eliminating foods that produce allergic or sensitivity reactions; taking time to eat and relax; using appropriate digestive enzymes, as needed; and avoiding irritants like tannins, senna, mineral oil, laxatives and purgatives.* Fermented foods, such as natural sauerkraut (not the kind made with vinegar), kefir, kimchi and yogurt, plus using a good probiotic and avoiding too much alcohol can help quite a bit. A healthy lifestyle almost always enhances the effectiveness of anything done to support and improve well-being. [return to top]

Is the quality of Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing reliable?
Expertly formulated by a physician, Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing is a dietary supplement containing only high quality ingredients and manufactured and tested in accordance with the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). [return to top]


Tome C. – PA:
Inner Healing is really the most effective product I’ve taken. I think this is my ticket!
Linda B. – GA:

My life was intolerable with the upset digestion caused by corticosteroids until I found Inner Healing. Thank you so much!

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