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Dr. Wilson’s Nat-Stim®

Unique Daily Immune Fortifier*

Formulated by Dr. James L. Wilson to strengthen immune function over time for health maintenance*

  • Available in 45 capsules
  • Derived from killed cell wall fractions of specially developed immune-stimulating strain of lactobacillus*
  • Added live probiotic selected for immune support in gut*
  • Bioavailable zinc, essential for immune function
  • Enhances both cellular and humoral aspects of immune function for strong immune defense*
  • Maintains effectiveness over time*
  • Completely safe and nontoxic, with no negative side effects*
  • Does not aggravate autoimmune conditions*
  • Small, easy-to-take capsules

Suggested Used:
Take 1 capsule with water 1-2 times a day, or as directed by your health practitioner.

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Stress and Immune Function

Adrenal stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol trigger important changes in your immune function because they have the ability to regulate every immune cell in your body. The acute “fight or flight” stress response set off by adrenaline temporarily boosts certain aspects of innate, front-line immunity that help reduce the chance of infection from an injury sustained in the fight or flight – but also increase inflammation. Although a certain amount of cortisol is necessary to stimulate proper immune function, the elevated cortisol accompanying stress partially suppresses the deeper, adaptive aspects of immunity that protect you over the long term from disease.

If you are facing a lion, your body will quickly shift its energy resources from less immediate threats (like fighting cancer or a cold) to help you survive the critical danger in front of you. With chronic stress, this cortisol-related decrease in immune function can leave you more susceptible to colds, flu and other infections, and potentially make you more vulnerable to serious illness and degenerative disease down the road, as well as to the development of allergies and autoimmune disorders. If stress continues over an extended period of time, your adrenals eventually may not be able to keep up with the continued demand (adrenal fatigue) and start producing too little cortisol to stimulate optimal immune function.

Also, because cortisol is the primary anti-inflammatory agent in the body, inflammation can worsen and inflammatory conditions can flare if your adrenals do not produce enough. When stress is chronic or prolonged, both the increase in inflammation and the decrease in overall immune function can begin to adversely affect your health. Illness, in turn, is an added stress, making it harder for fatigued adrenals to recover.

To make matters worse, when people are stressed, they often do a poorer job of taking care of themselves – less laughter, sleep, exercise and healthy eating: more smoking, drinking, drugs and junk food. All of which can affect your immune system for the worse. Consequently, whether your adrenal glands are fatigued or working optimally, chronic stress can have a negative impact on your immune function, making staying well an extra challenge. Managing your stress, supporting your adrenal glands and promoting strong immune function can significantly enhance your ability to stay well.*

Supplement Facts

Nat-Stim supplement facts

Product Q & A

What is Nat-Stim?
What does Nat-Stim do?
How does Nat-Stim work?
What makes Nat-Stim different from other immune boosters?
Does Nat-Stim contain stimulants?
How quickly will Nat-Stim begin to work?
Can I take Nat-Stim when I am well?
Can I take Nat-Stim when I am sick?
What else can I do to boost my immune system?
Who can take Nat-Stim?
What is the best way to take Nat-Stim?
How long can I take Nat-Stim?
Does Nat-Stim lose its effectiveness over time?
Is the quality of Dr. Wilson’s Inner Healing reliable?

What is Nat-Stim?
Nat-Stim is a very unique, NATural immune STIMulator developed by scientists and doctors to help keep people well.* Using a novel, proprietary method that took years to perfect, they derived immune enhancing cell wall fractions from a special strain of Lactobacillus bulgaricus, a naturally occurring friendly bacterium found in the intestinal tract and in some probiotic foods like yogurt. Dr. Wilson has also included live, probiotic Lactobacillus bulgaricus to support immune activity in the critical immune defense area of the gut, and zinc, a trace mineral essential for proper immune function.* Nat-Stim is a powerful immune enhancer with the ability to help naturally fortify and support healthy immune function over time for optimal immune defense.* [return to top]

What does Nat-Stim do?
Nat-Stim is designed to be an aid to staying well.* It is formulated to strongly support and enhance both specific and general aspects of immune function necessary for maintaining health, and to help promote reliable, vigorous immune defense, especially in your lungs, bronchi, throat, nose and intestines.* The effects of this very unique NATural immune STIMulator deepen over time, helping to provide long term support for healthy immune function.* In our experience, the longer Nat-Stim is taken regularly the better it works.* In addition, because Nat-Stim helps promote a strong immune response, it also helps cut down recovery time.* [return to top]

How does Nat-Stim work?

The best method ever created to protect your health is a strong, vigilant immune system. No drug or natural substance, no matter how powerful or how broad in its action, can do what your immune system does so efficiently 24/7 from birth to death. It not only protects you from thousands of unfriendly microorganisms continually circulating in your environment and in your body, but also helps keep your cells healthy too. Nat-Stim is a truly unique product that was developed by top European scientists specifically to safely and effectively enhance the immune system’s own ability to do its job 24/7.*

Derived from immune enhancing cell wall fractions of a special strain of Lactobacillus bulgaricus, a naturally occurring friendly bacterium found in healthy intestinal tracts and in some probiotic foods like yogurt, Nat-Stim reliably produces safe, natural but strong immune support, especially in the lungs, bronchi, throat, nose and intestines where your body interfaces with the outside world.* The gut is the largest immune organ in the body and one of the vital first lines of defense in your immune system, so Dr. Wilson included live probiotic (friendly bacteria) to complement the immune enhancing action of Nat-Stim by promoting a healthy bacterial balance in the intestines and helping to stimulate immune defenses in this critical area.*

He also added zinc because this trace mineral is so essential for proper immune function and for antioxidant protection in your cells but many people do not get enough in their daily diet, and such factors as stress, caffeine, smoking and pollution deplete zinc from your body. The form of zinc used is bioavailable to ensure you get optimal benefit.* Nat-Stim is not a pharmaceutical or an herb, and does not work like either. Created to invigorate and support both specific and general aspects of immune function necessary to maintaining health, it is designed for regular, daily use to help maintain optimal immune protection without losing its effectiveness over time.*

Because it enhances your immune function rather than acting on pathogens, it is broadly useful and does not produce resistance or lose its effectiveness with continued use.* Taken regularly it helps naturally maintain optimal immune protection, even when used for extended periods.* In addition, because Nat-Stim helps promote a strong immune response, it can also help cut down recovery time.* This very unique NATural immune STIMulator provides long term support for healthy immune function and optimal immune defense.* [return to top]

What makes Nat-Stim different from other immune boosters?
Nat-Stim supports and progressively strengthens your immune response over time rather than just temporarily stimulating it, as many herbal or vitamin preparations do.* For example, echinacea tends to lose its immune stimulating ability when used for more than a month.* Nat-Stim is exceptional in that it enhances many specific and general aspects of immune function necessary for maintaining health, and does not lose effectiveness even when taken for extended periods.* It is designed for regular, daily use to help keep you well.*  [return to top]

How quickly will Nat-Stim begin to work?
Although there have been reports of Nat-Stim making a noticeable difference in as little as two days, and some results are often seen within ten days, we find it usually takes about two weeks to begin working optimally.* Taken daily, Nat-Stim continues to enhance immune strength and function.* After three months, we have found that most people can decrease their intake by half and still maintain the same level of results.*  [return to top]

Can I take Nat-Stim when I am well?
To stay well, you need a vigorous immune system, and Nat-Stim is designed to promote and help sustain vigorous immune function.* It actually works its best when you are well, helping you maintain good health.* Just remember that it takes several weeks of regular use to work optimally.* The most critical periods to build up your immune function are when you are under stress or in the weeks preceding winter, summer and travel; and before attending school, daycare or camp. Most people simply choose to use it daily to help fortify their overall immune function.* [return to top]

Can I take Nat-Stim when I am sick?
Even when you are sick, sustaining vigorous immune function can greatly speed recovery. Nat-Stim supports strong immune function, especially in the lungs, bronchi, throat, nose and intestines.* At such times, extra daily amounts may provide additional immune support.* [return to top]

What else can I do to boost my immune system?

There are a number of things you can do to promote optimal immune function to help you stay well, including balancing your stress response and supporting your adrenal glands. Below are some suggestions based on research and clinical experience that seem to make a difference.

Lifestyle and Dietary Tips:

• Make a point of getting seven or more hours of sleep each night – sleep deprivation and restriction disrupt immunity
• Wash your hands to prevent the spread of disease
• Reduce your consumption of sugar (including in drinks like soda and your favorite Starbucks concoction) – sugar suppresses immune function
• Eat sufficient high quality protein – amino acids are the building blocks of your immune cells
• Support healthy gut flora
• Practice yoga, meditation and moderate exercise – they help normalize cortisol levels and positively impact immune function
• Laugh! – laughter has been shown to help modulate cortisol and boost immune function

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Who can take Nat-Stim?
Anyone who wants to promote and maintain optimal immune function in a safe, natural way can take Nat-Stim.* The capsules are small and easy to swallow or they can be opened and the mild-tasting contents taken without the capsule for people who do not like pills.* [return to top]

What is the best way to take Nat-Stim?
The suggested use is to take 1 capsule with water 1-2 times a day, or as directed by your health practitioner. If swallowing capsules is difficult, open the capsules and mix the mild tasting contents into any beverage or soft food, or use the powdered Super Immune Space Sprinkles® instead. Take daily for at least 3 months to optimize immune support.* After 3 months, most people can usually switch to half the daily amount and still maintain optimal immune enhancement.* For best results, take consistently throughout the year.* During times when extra immune support is desired, an additional capsule of Nat-Stim 1-2 times a day provides further immune support and taking Body-Guard, the short-term immune booster, delivers a quick bump in front-line immune support.* [return to top]

Does Nat-Stim lose its effectiveness over time?
Nat-Stim is designed to continue to promote optimal immune function, even when taken daily for years.* In fact, regular long term use produces optimal results.* [return to top]

How long can I take Nat-Stim?
Nat-Stim can be taken indefinitely, is nontoxic and does not lose its effectiveness over time.* [return to top]

Can I take too much Nat-Stim?
We have only ever received comments about beneficial effects associated with Nat-Stim.* In safety tests conducted before this supplement became available, test animals were given the equivalent of 5000 doses/day for 4 months without any detrimental side effects.* Millions of doses have been consumed by thousands of people annually for the past 20+ years, without a single detrimental side effect reported.* The acidophilus strain used has also been used safely for years, and zinc, which is a trace mineral necessary for health, is included in a low amount.* However, as with all supplements, it is best to take Nat-Stim as suggested or directed by your health practitioner for optimal results. [return to top]

Is the quality of Nat-Stim reliable?
Expertly formulated by scientists and physicians, Nat-Stim is a dietary supplement containing only high quality ingredients and manufactured and tested in accordance with the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). [return to top]


Tom C. – PA:
I found the Nat-Stim to work wonders as well. Thank you so much you have changed my life!!

Andrea B.:
Nat-Stim is amazing. It is like a magic wand!

Marusha W.:
Nat-Stim is definitely working for me.

Dan S.:
I credit Nat-Stim for making the difference. In conclusion, I will continue taking Nat-Stim regularly and daily. I will also recommend this product to others.

Melinda H.:
I just want to say thank you for introducing me to the product Nat-Stim. Now that I have been taking Nat-Stim every morning for two months, I feel great! This year I’m looking forward to using my sick days for wellness days. Thanks again.

Joseph F.:
I am a very satisfied customer/user of your product, Nat-Stim. Thanks for finding/developing this product. I know that this will help me to have a long second career teaching special education kids.

Alessandra C.:
This Nat-Stim is just wonderful. I would recommend this product to everyone. Thank you.

Marie W.:
I have used this product myself for the past 15 months with incredible results. For me, Nat-Stim speaks for itself. Thank you again for providing supplements that are extremely beneficial to good health.

Vicki T.:
I absolutely love this product and recommend it to anyone who is looking to boost/help their immune system! As with all products, I was a little weary but once you take the Nat-Stim you will feel the difference!

Larry B.:
I started taking Nat-Stim after a friend of mine recommended it. It has also helped my allergies. If I miss two days of work it costs me more than a year’s supply of Nat-Stim. There is no question for me: I will take this stuff until I’m ninety.

Sue K.:
I wouldn’t do without Nat-Stim. I take it every day along with vitamins, minerals and orange juice.

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